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Brushing teeth before or after bleaching?

Since your gums can become irritated when you bleach right after brushing your teeth, we do not recommend doing this. For optimal performance of the strips, they should be applied to a dry tooth surface. This way the strips will stick best to the teeth.


After how many treatments do I see results?

That differs per person. People usually see clear results after three to seven treatments. If your teeth have been bleached before, the effect will be visible a little later. If this is not the case, it is likely that the result will be visible earlier.


Do I get sensitive teeth from BLINDSMILE products?

No, BLINDSMILE products do not contain peroxide, a substance that causes sensitive teeth. You may experience a slight tingling in your teeth while bleaching.


I have white spots on my teeth, what now?

White spots on your teeth are the result of an uneven layer of enamel on your teeth. Because the enamel on your teeth is not as thick, certain spots let more dyes through than others, causing the spots to appear. However, BLINDSMILE's tooth whitener spreads well, causing the white spots to disappear within a few hours!


Can I whiten my teeth during my pregnancy?

Although our products mainly consist of natural ingredients, they also contain some chemicals. That is why we do not recommend whitening your teeth during your pregnancy.


I have bleached my teeth, but see little result, what now?

It can sometimes happen that teeth whitening has little effect. This can be caused by various reasons, for example:

  • The product has not been used correctly.
  • After bleaching, products with a lot of dyes are consumed.
  • Smoking or drinking coffee or tea takes place in the hours after bleaching.
  • Teeth are brushed immediately after whitening.

Always try to keep this in mind if you are going to whiten your teeth by following the directions for use and avoid consuming the above products for at least several hours after whitening. To protect your teeth, we also recommend that you always drink your drinks through a straw. Of course, with a relatively white set of teeth, less results will be visible than a somewhat more yellow set of teeth.